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Our pretty little 45g honey filled hexagonal glass jars are perfect for any occasion.  35g Honeycomb jars also available.
They make the perfect wedding favour, corporate gift, baby shower, or teacher gift.
All jars come filled with our minimally filtered 100% pure raw Honey.

Pricing :

3 x 45g Honey filled Hexagonal Glass Jars filled + Customised Label – Set of 3 $10.50

Sample Pack of including one 45g Honey filled Hexagonal Jar + Customised Label, Fabric Lid Cover, Mini Honey Dipper + Sample pack of current available fabrics – $7

3 x 45g Honey filled Hexagonal Glass Jar + label + Fabric Lid Cover – $13.50

3 x 45g Honey filled Hexagonal Glass Jar + label + Mini Honey Dipper – $13.50

3 x 45g Honey filled Hexagonal Glass Jar + with label & Fabric Lid Cover + Mini Honey Dipper – $15

{Glass Jar is size 5x4cm} Kraft card (3.5cm x 3.5cm) Printed with black ink, tied with natural twine

Custom labels : Customised labels & kraft cards are available, so please message us with the details. these can be discussed and worked on before you place your order so please get in touch.
20% Discount available on bulk orders – PM for discount code for large orders.

Our BeeSitters pure honey has been harvested straight from our own hives located around Perth, Western Australia. Each hive is unique so honey colour may vary. Our bee’s health means a great deal to us and so we ensure that we only harvest surplus honey from our hives. All of our honey is 100% pure, raw, unprocessed and completely natural. Our honey has been hand-harvested and hand-produced, all with love for our amazing little bees. BeeSitter honey is extracted with minimal filtration, ensuring all the many health benefits of raw honey remains. Raw honey is packed with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, along with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Our honey contains no pesticides, no chemical residues, no antibiotics and no additives.

We are beekeepers based in Perth WA and can arrange pick up or drop offs depending on your area. Please PM us for further information.

Raw honey may after a period of time go candy or crystallise, but this is a good thing as it is a sign of purity. It also shows you that it has nothing artificial added to force it to stay liquid and that it is unprocessed, raw, natural and completely pure. To return the honey to liquid, simply place the jar in some warm water or into direct sunlight.

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