Music is the lifeblood of our memories. There’s always a song that takes you back to a time, be it a happy experience or a vulnerable moment shared with your friends and family. It’s the colour in our paintings. The passion in our romances. It brings an event alive by setting the tone for memories to be made. When music is performed live, it becomes so much bigger than the act of it.

It’s our job to create those experiences.

We are a collective of musicians, based in Perth, Australia, that perform your well-adored songs of the decades. We play, we improvise, we react with the crown. The immersive effect that a really fun live band has is so organic, and a little unexpected. Whatever happens, it gives people a reason to socialise through dance, drinks or chats. Eclipse sets the tone with live music for weddings, corporate events, conferences and special celebrations.

We’ve curated our musicians into three band formations: (1) Full Party Band, (2) Acoustic Trio, and (3) Acoustic Duo.

Eclipse Full Party Band

Eclipse Acoustic Trio

Eclipse Acoustic Duo

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